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ClipCord - custom branded video channels - video sharing service - your videos, your way!

empowers you to create your own public or private custom branded video channels.

All branded video channels live inside your own domain name, your own branded URL. Plus you choose and control the video content.

Carl Krueger Construction Video Sharing:
ClipCord puts the control of your videos back in your hands, where it belongs! We will provide you with the ability to create fully featured, branded video channels to broadcast your videos on your site. From the creation of your new video page to the outstanding ongoing support that follows, ClipCord will handle everything. All that's left for you to do is upload your videos.

With ClipCord you decide what your viewers see and when!

Click the Free Trial link to get started today!

With ClipCord paid-accounts, there is NO obtrusive advertising on top of your brand since it's your site.

Customization to your Brand:
As a video site owner, style the look of your site using your choice of colors and fonts. Using the admin control panel, you will have the
ability to utilize powerful moderation tools giving full control of the look and feel of your video site.

ClipCord benefits are about "you" and not about "them". ClipCord promotes YOUR brand, YOUR name.   Here is a list of ClipCord benefits.
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